Aix-Marseille University (AMU) invites the Scientific Orientation Committee to analyse how research is carried out on the Aix-Marseille site. The Committee worked from 21st to 25th September 2015 and will express recommendations on future research orientations.

The Committee’s mission is of major strategic importance and addresses one generic question: "What should research be in Aix-Marseille in 2025?"

The Committee 's president is P. Busquin and the co-president is J.-C. Lehmann. The Committee is composed of some forty international experts who were selected by the Organisation Committee and by the president of the university. Selection criteria of members included internationally-recognised scientific excellence, experience in the management of high-level interdisciplinary scientific activities, notably in European contexts.

The Committee is to meet for the first time since the three original universities of the Aix and Marseille area merged in 2012 and since the A*MIDEX excellence initiative was launched within the framework of the national programme for investments for the future (PIA).

The Committee will take into account research carried out on the whole site where AMU is associated with all institutional research operators: CNRS, INSERM, CEA, IRD, INRA, CHU… Following the five-day working session, the Committee will draw up a synthesis of its results. Its recommendations will be of utmost importance to develop a research pilot progamme and to define AMU's scientific orientations for the next ten years.


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