The Aix-Marseille University Foundation (AMU Foundation) was established on 13 March 2014 and results from the merger of two former university foundations: "Health, sport and sustainable development" and "Knowledge, professional occupations and territories".

AMU Foundation's objectives

Aix-Marseille University's scheme has been to pool the human and technical resources of the two former foundations established respectively in 2008 and 2010 to improve the professionnalism, the size and the visibility of implemented projects. The merger has made it possible to widen the scope of the new foundation so that its applications encompass the whole range of AMU's disciplinary sectors.

"AMU Foundation has ambitious objectives to ensure the global visibility of our university in all its disciplines. Our aim is to mutualise support and administrative management to foster effective synergies for research excellence and for professional integration on the marketplace."

Yvon Berland, President of AMU Foundation

Encouraging exchanges

Among numerous initiatives, the Foundation publishes annual calls for projects aimed at AMU's researchers, teaching-researching staff and students, in order to provide financial support for innovative projects carried by all the sectors of the university. The Foundation is particularly keen to promote pluridisciplinary and innovative projects that will enhance the university's brand image. It supports projects that encourage the sharing of experience and competence between the university and the socio economic world.

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