International Agreement for Research cooperation

An International Agreement for Research (or Scientific Partnership Agreement, MoU for Research, etc) is not only a statement of goodwill between universities that demonstrates strong interest and generates reciprocal benefits.

It is mainly based on a research area and covers specific activities such as faculty, scholars and Ph. D student exchanges, joint research activities and publications, and joint participation in funded programmes between AMU laboratories and Institutes/Departments/Research Units… of partner institutions.

Though an International Agreement for Research may have appendices that relate to non-recurring, specific, funded activities, it is generally not legally binding and does not commit the Parties at University level to ongoing expenditures.

The signing of an agreement does not mean the grant of special financing by AMU. On the contrary, the parties to an Agreement are urged to seek financial resources from national and international cooperation or research organisations, emphasising the existence of the Agreement.

Agreements are reviewed and recommended for signature by the Vice-President for Research and the Direction de la Recherche et de la Valorisation-DRV (Department of Research and Technology Transfer).

The process is administratively light and can usually be carried out in a short time. The Agreements are signed for AMU by the President only.

It is worth emphasizing that an Agreement is not a warranty of success with funding agencies, and that most research and exchange activities involving AMU faculties happen without such an agreement in place.

Guidelines for proposing an international agreement for research

AMU Faculty members who propose that AMU sign an agreement with another institution should contact the DRV and provide her with a completed and signed Agreement Proposal Form.

Aix-Marseille Université’s laboratories participate in many strengthened partnerships and cooperations such as International Associated Laboratory (LIA, LMI, …), International Research Networks (GDRI), … carried out with the CNRS, INSERM, IRD, … on one part and with the partner institutions on the other part.

Participation of AMU’s laboratories (research units) in LIA, GDRI, etc.

Guidelines for proposing an international agreement for research